New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: TV Review: OWN’s ‘Delilah’ is Legal Drama Fueled by an Authentic Black Woman’s Narrative

We have seen over the past few years that stories centering Black women have been on the rise. All Rise on CBS seemed to lead the way. Then BET added a legal drama with prominent storylines for the Black women in it.  Now we have one that follows more closely to my experience as a working Black mom.  Delilah on OWN is created by the writer of Greenleaf, Craig Wright. The story centers Delilah Connelly (Maahra Hill), a mom, attorney, sister auntie and best friend who is struggling to make all those roles work. When a big case falls into her lap, Delilah must juggle even harder to keep everyone and everything) afloat.

One Woman and a Host of Problems

Delilah is up against a big firm, which is where her friend Tamara (Jill Marie Jones) is one of few Black attorneys. Outside of work, her daughter Maia (Kelly Jacobs) is discovered by a rich musical benefactor. Turns out, the girl is a virtuoso on the violin.  The girl needs to level up her equipment, Delilah’s ex forks over the $5k the girl needs—this despite the fact that the man fails to keep up a $200 a month child support payment.

Meanwhile, Delilah’s son Marcus (Braelyn Rankins) is having problems because the family is also playing host to Delilah’s nephew Dion (Khalil Johnson) while his brother recovers from combat injuries at the VA. Now not only does Delilah have to struggle with a child who feels abandoned, Marcus wants to leave the family because his cousin is getting too much of mom’s attention. All this happens as Delilah’s new client connects her to a key witness for her case, a man who suddenly commits suicide.

A Story I can Identify With

Delilah feels like something I can identify with. She is also a mom, a Black mom who is not the stereotypical, ratchet Black woman that we keep seeing. These women are also educated and strong. They can push back and stand for themselves without the antics television likes to portray us as.  Delilah and the women she engages with are professionals, best friend Tamara (Jill Marie Scott) is married to deputy mayor who is a Black man. Delilah’s dad is the police chief. They have the problems I used to see on shows like Judging Amy where the women were lawyers and working moms. These are the women I used to love to watch, but their look and culture was not mine. So, Delilah hits a lot of marks for me and I am sure it will for you and others.

An Uncomplicated Drama to Lean Into

The show was not a deep one. The mystery is simple and the drama light. However, like similar progress like Allie McBeal there is enough here to keep us coming back each week. It’s perfect for just sitting back and watching someone else’s chaos as a way to avoid your own.

Delilah streams on OWN Tuesday nights.

3.5 of 5.

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