New Podcast from Kevin McLenithan on Christ and Pop Culture: Seeing and Believing 282 | Chad Hartigan’s Little Fish + Interview with Becoming Alien‘s Sarah Welch-Larson

On this week’s special double-length episode, we offer something for lovers of blockbuster sci-fi/horror and indie sci-fi dramas. Wade and Kevin sit down with fellow critic Sarah Welch-Larson to talk about her brand-new book, Becoming Alien: The Beginning and End of Evil in Science Fiction’s Most Idiosyncratic Film Franchise. In a fascinating conversation, they discuss the intersection of the Alien film franchise, Christian theology, and the philosophy of evil, as well as the role of Christians in film criticism. The guys then turn their attention to Little Fish, the new film from Chad Hartigan (This Is Martin Bonner). Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell star as a married couple trying to survive a pandemic (sound familiar?). The nature of this pandemic? A neural disorder that gradually erases the victim’s memories of past experiences, special skills, and relationships with loved ones.

You can check out and purchase Sarah Welch-Larson’s book on the Wipf & Stock website.

Music interlude by Vlad Gluschenko, “Colors of Spring.” Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

from Seeing and Believing – Christ and Pop Culture

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