New from Kevin Wozniak on Kevflix: Best Movies of 2020 – Random Things I Loved In 2020 Movies

With how bizarre 2020 as a year was and how bizarre of a year for movies it was, I decided to do make a list I never made before about the best movies of 2020.  This list is a new list and it is a very random list.  The things on this list are just things that I saw in movies in 2020 that I loved.  Whether it was an outfit choice or a scene or even a piece of food in a movie, this is a list of random things that I loved in 2020 movies.  I loved a lot of things in movies in 2020, but these are ones I constantly thought about throughout the year and ones that I am still thinking about today.  Here are random things I loved in 2020 movies.







  • We all have that one food that we love no matter what.  That one that puts us in a good mood, that one that reminds us of our childhood, or that one that you can always trust is going to be great every time you get it.  For Harley Quinn (marvelously played by Margot Robbie) it’s a breakfast sandwich from a Gotham bodega.  The breakfast sandwich is relatively simple; eggs, bacon, American cheese, just the right amount of hot sauce (so that we can taste the cheese that possibly expired six months ago), all stuffed between a toasted buttered roll.  The sandwich looks incredible and Harley’s love for it is undeniable.  So much so, that when the sandwich goes flying and Harley is unable to eat it, your heart is shattered.  Get you somebody who looks at you the way Harley Quinn looks at this breakfast sandwich.



  • Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween is a silly, fun halloween adventure from the comedy legend.  Though Sandler has some great moments in the movie, along with a super thermos that almost made this list, it was June Squibb as Hubie’s mother who stole the show.  Her performance is very sweet and endearing, but it’s her t-shirts that deserve a prize of their own.  During a shopping trip to the thrift store, Hubie’s mom picked up a few t-shirts for cheap.  These t-shirts have phrases like “Boner Doner”, “Kayaking Makes Me Wet”, and “If You Can Read This, You’re in Fart Range”, as well as a bomber jacket that says “I’d Hit That” with a pair of boxing gloves on it.  The shirts fit right in with Sandler-movie humor, but are elevated by the legendary Squibb, who rocks them like a champ.



  • The old saying is that dogs are man’s best friend and that couldn’t be more true for the men and dogs of The Truffle Hunters.  This wonderful documentary about the old men and dogs of a small Italian village finding truffles to sell in a competitive market shows that these two worlds could not be more opposite.  We have the sellers of the truffles, who sell them for thousands of dollars and put them on display in galleries.  And then we have the old men and their dogs.  The dogs do it because they’ve been trained to do it and they’re good at it, but the men don’t see it as a job, they just really like spending time with their dogs.  These dogs are everything to these hunters and they care more about them than the actual truffles themselves.  It’s this kind of love and friendship that is so nice to see in a year full of negativity.



  • The most shocking movie moment in 2020 came in Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man.   The scene takes place in a trendy restaurant where Cecilia (a brilliant Elisabeth Moss) is on the verge of a breakdown when she seeks the help of her strong-willed sister Emily (Harriett Dyer) to tell her that she is being stalked by her presumed dead ex-husband in an invisible tech-suit.  Just as Cecilia is about to tell her sister everything that is going on, a floating knife appears in the middle of the table and slices Emily’s throat and is then placed in Cecilia’s hand.  This surprised the hell out of me and is really masterful filmmaking from Whannell, who uses space and visual effects impeccably.



  • Guy Richie’s The Gentlemen is a fun crime thriller that features a scene-stealing turn by Colin Ferrell.  Ferrell’s performance is awesome, as he plays a man simply known as Coach who runs an MMA training gym but gets dragged into a circle of crime when some of his students raid a major drug dealers stash.  One of the aspects that makes Coach so awesome is the tracksuits he wears.  In all my years of living I’ve never seen anyone wear a tracksuit so well.  The colors and the patterns are lively and Coach and his crew rock the hell out of them.



  • Freaky was one of the biggest surprises for me in 2020.  I loved this movie so much and that love began in the very first scene.  The cold-open begins on a large suburban mansion, where we meet four teenagers telling scary stories about the Blissfield Butcher, a local legend who is said to have murdered a number of people over the years in their town.  The teens think that it is just an urban legend until the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) pays them a visit and brutally murders them.  Vaughn, utilizing his large, intimidating frame, establishes his terror in this scene and you immediately believe he is a serial killer.  Reminiscent of the iconic opening scene in Scream, the blood, terror, and humor of this opening scene set the tone for the whole movie.



  • Another food item, but this one from a different era.  First Cow is one of my favorite movies of 2020.  Kelly Reichardt’s quiet, sweet, masterful look at friendship and capitalism in the 1820’s shows how two men formed a bond through the American dream and oily cakes.  Skilled chef Cookie (John Magaro) meets King-Lu (Orion Lee), a Chinese immigrant and a hustler.  When the two discover a cow near where they are staying, they use that cow’s milk to make oily cakes, which end up becoming a huge hit amongst everyone who tries them.  The cakes look delicious, especially when Cookie tops them with honey and cinnamon.  This oily cake would make a perfect side to Harley Quinn’s breakfast sandwich.



  • Over the Moon was one of my favorite animated movies of 2020 and one of the most visually stunning films of the year.  The animation is sensational and the songs are well-written and performed, but the movie really begins to move once we get to the moon.  The ping-pong sequence takes place between Chin, a rambunctious child helping his soon-to-be stepsister Fei Fei on the moon, and Chang’e, the queen on the moon.  It’s a battle for information, as both of them need something from one another.  But Chin soon realizes that this isn’t like normal ping pong, as he and Chang’e both begin to float and do things you couldn’t normally do with a ping pong ball and paddle.  It also features a fun hip-hop diddly that’ll get your toes tapping.  Over the Moon is a visual treat and it didn’t get better than this scene.







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