New podcast episode from Mike Crowley of You’ll Probably Agree: Episode 75 Unconventional Christmas Films

Is “Die Hard a Christmas film? Yes? “Batman Returns? YES! Eyes Wide Shut? YES! YES! YES! What’s The Magic Christmas Tree and Lemon Drop Kid? Nobody knows but listen and find out about them!

Time marcs
Pat’s Favorite Films
00:42 Christmas Eve
01:59 The Great Rupert AKA A Christmas Wish
04:35 The Lemon Drop Kid
05:46 The Magic Christmas Tree
10:13 A Christmas Carol (1972) animated short
15:31 A Child’s Christmas in Whales

Mike’s Favorite films
20:10 The Star Wars Holiday Special
25:16 Eyes Wide Shut
32:52 where we actually talk about Eyes Wide Shut
35:31 Batman Returns
42:02 The Nightmare Before Christmas
53:30 Die Hard

Guest Info:
Pat McDonald is a writer for Hollywood Chicago and Tour Guide for Chicago films!
Also check him out on Sure. WBGR-FM Monroe Wisconsin (Thursday’s at 745) and WSSR-FM Joliet IL (Friday’s at 445).

SPONSOR: Galway Bay
500 W Diversey Parkway,
Chicago, IL 60614

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from You’ll Probably Agree Podcast

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