Leo Brady reviews “Fatman” on AMovieGuy.com

The concept of Mel Gibson playing Santa Claus would be as ridiculous as it sounds, no matter who directs it, or what the story is about, or who co-stars with him. As I did in previous reviews for Dragged Across Concrete, or his directing job on Hacksaw Ridge, it can’t be forgotten that Gibson has a tainted record- That’s putting it mildly. He’s damaged goods and he doesn’t deserve the work by any stretch, but you can’t review movies based on the flaws of a human, but on what you see on the screen. Fatman is a Christmas movie with two characters on opposite sides, on two paths, eventually colliding head to head. Directors and brothers Eshom & Ian Nelms do a good enough job to keep Gibson’s character subdued, while Walton Goggins plays a sinister hitman, given the task to kill jolly ‘ole St. Nick. The end result is an entertaining farce, a mixture of dark humor, wild fantasy, and holiday bloodshed. Fatman is the kind of Christmas movie concept that brings fans of the genre plenty of cinematic cheer.


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