Leo Brady reviews “Embattled” on AMovieGuy.com

As far as sports films go, the competition of mixed martial arts has seldom been dissected in a cinematic fashion. Warrior is the only example I can think of and the sport as an art form is comparable to a sledge hammer hitting a brick wall. It’s a grace to it, but in a way that it must be slowed down to discover such beauty. Unlike the Rocky or Creed films, where the boxing is a choreographed dance, mixed with the violent impact of a punch, and the will of two giants pushing against one another. In Embattled, director Nick Sarisov finds an interesting way to create drama inside and outside of the octagon. Stephen Dorff stars as champion Cash Boykins, tattoos all over his body, a foul mouth, a history of anger issues, while also being the complex father to his 18-year old son Jett (Darren Boykins). Jett is following in his footsteps and becoming a world class fighter, but the two butt heads constantly, and while they get along during a string of valiant victories, their differences set them on a collision course, subjected to fighting each other in the arena, one time, father vs. son. It’s why Embattled scores plenty of points and lands the perfect amount of emotional punches that you may not see coming.


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