Leo Brady reviews “Echo Boomers” on AMovieGuy.com

There is a collection of tropes that are used in movies that, at this point, ruin anything that a director and the underlying message that is trying to be said. I could run off a list of other films, especially romantic comedies or sassy teenage dramas, that make the exact same narrative choices that Echo Boomers does. It boils down to three things: 1) the use of voice over narration, 2) based on a true story, and 3) a running list of rules, made up by a lead character, masked as a philosophical way of thinking. Seth Savoy’s Echo Boomers is guilty of all three of these tropes and each one incredibly detrimental to the next. The star is Patrick Schwarzenegger as Lance, a recent college grad, moving to Chicago to live with his cousin Jack (Giles Geary), and looking for the first job he can find. Little did he know that Jack was in the circles of a group that drove into the wealthy suburbs, trashing homes, and stealing valuable stuff to make a living. Now he’s caught in a bad situation, hanging around a crew that wants to get back at the rich for putting them in the position they are in. Echo Boomers is a wreckless heist film, filled to the brim with stuffy acting, slick montages, and a bloated script. It has a lot of flash and nothing that goes boom.


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