New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: Azura Skye, Star of ‘The Swerve’ Strikes Down the Myth of Motherhood Perfection

I recently sat down with Azura Skye, star of the thriller The Swerve. She plays Holly, a mother, sister, wife, and employee who has taken on way too much without receiving anything in return. She is all of us–mothers who especially now in this pandemic–are giving our all without much reciprocation. Here’s our interview with Skye, via the Black Cape Media YouTube Channel.

Skye says that COVID-19 and the stay-at-home conditions make it easy for women to understand Holly, easier than when the writer/director Dean Kapsalis created and shot the film. The Swerve’s release in these times offers more than an escape via film. It just might the reminder we need to check in on the moms we know–especially those with kids. None of us are Holly, but we are still not okay.

You can stream The Swerve on VOD and digital today. Read the official Black Cape review.

Check out the trailer and tell us if you are going to watch or nah?


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