Leo Brady reviews “The Craft: Legacy” on AMovieGuy.com

When discussing movies of the 1990’s, there’s a small place in my heart for Andrew Fleming’s 1996 high school witchcraft drama The Craft. It was a unique combination of outcast high school kids, attractive women, using spells and potions to make the world they wanted, along with cool alternative music, and scary powers. It was totally a movie of my time, where I would watch it when it played on HBO. When it was announced that Zoe Lister-Jones would write and direct a new installment of The Craft it sounded right. Especially after the success of her independent gem Band Aid, which proved she could make a movie with passion. Sadly, it does not seem that passion is transferring over to her first big budget production and what is a sequel in The Craft: Legacy. It’s not even that this new addition to the story of high school witches isn’t intriguing, it honestly just feels mangled by a production company that had no clue what to do with this narrative. There are new spells and incantations, a new quartet of witches, and an intriguing narrative about female empowerment, and yet all of that falls apart in what feels like an attempt to make The Craft a new group of superheroes. This witches brew is a bit flat. 


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