Leo Brady reviews “Mortal” on AMovieGuy.com

With the lack of superhero movies in 2020, it’s safe to say that a slight gap has been left open for the genre of cape and cowl stories. I say slight because I don’t necessarily miss the weekly Marvel or DC adventures. It’s opened the door for more independent films, more science fiction, and horror films that fail to receive the attention they deserve. Of course, it also means that there might be a movie that merges all of those things and that is Andre Ovredal’s Mortal, which is part Thor origin story, part superhero on the loose. Nat Wolff stars as Eric, who we meet sleeping in the woods, homeless, unkept, messy hair, and he’s having nightmares of setting things on fire. They turn out to be just his strange ability to electrically charge things with his hands and when he accidentally kills someone who picks on the wrong guy, it sets a manhunt on a man who can’t seem to gain control on his unlimited power. Mortal is a mixed bag of action, with some exciting set pieces, a shocking ending, and an interesting look at a superhero story told without Mickey Mouse looking over the directors shoulders. Mortal has enough power to charge an audience’s superhero needs.


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