Leo Brady reviews “Kindred” on AMovieGuy.com

Kindred is the perfect movie to pair with The Invisible Man in a unique, but still disturbing way. Where Leigh Whannell’s hit interpretation of the “man you can’t see” hit on themes of psychological manipulation and abuse towards women, Kindred hits on the physical manipulation of women through their bodies. Joe Marcantonio’s film is unflinching in cornering the audience, through the lead character’s own imprisonment, creating the emotions of desperately wanting to get out. And even though there are some narrative choices in Kindred that are made strictly to allow the plot to continue, it still makes for a paralyzed and twisted film about family manipulation. Kindred is a horror-thriller of maddening proportions, about a woman who loses her husband while pregnant, and his family will do everything in their power to keep her and the baby in their sights. Kindred is a fascinating thriller that can’t be contained. 


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