Leo Brady reviews “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” on AMovieGuy.com

I was a Junior in college when Borat became a memorable character of cinema. He’s also an ingenious creation of chaos, from the mad mind of Sacha Baron Cohen, a figure in the world of entertainment that reminds me of the comedic genius of Mel Brooks. He’s a pot stirring comedian, someone pushing the boundaries of what is funny, in both a sad and ridiculous way. There’s a brilliant side to his way of comedy and in 2020 Sacha Baron Cohen shouldn’t be able to pull off another Borat movie and yet, here we are. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm achieves nearly all it sets out to do. It should put to bed any thoughts that we live in a “PC time” of comedy or that “cancel culture” has an impact on people. You would also think that everyone would know who Borat is. Everyone quotes the mustachioed, gray suited guy from Kazakhstan. Emphatic orations of, “maa wiife”  or “verry niiice”, as annoying or hilarious you might find those lines, they’ve become part of the comedic lexicon, so it’s quite shocking at how funny this second go around is. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is lacking in the original shock of the first Borat, but is filled with plenty of laughs, takes a hard look at everything that’s still wrong with America, and will shock anyone who still can be. I’d call this sequel a great success (Borat voice).   


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