New podcast episode from Mike Crowley of You’ll Probably Agree: Episode 64 Movie That Never Got Made

Ranging from Christopher Nolan’s biopic about Howard Hughes starring Jim Carrey to James Cameron’s Spider-Man, Ian and I look over the films that could have been.

There’s some internet lag in the beginning of the episode. If it’s too unbearable to listen to it ends at 16:28

00:00 Intro and Sponsors

02:37 Movies That Never Got Made

16:28 the internet lag ends

Guest Info: Ian Simmons is the Podcaster/Writer/YouTuber at Kicking The Seat Twitter @KICKSEAT YouTube

Special Thanks to our bar and sponsor Galway Bay located at 500 W Diversey Parkway, Chicago IL

Too scared to go into the bar? Buy their merchandise here Follow them online here. instagram galwaybay500 twitter @BayChicago

from You’ll Probably Agree Podcast

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