Leo reviews “Girl” filmmaker Chad Faust on AMovieGuy.com

I jumped at the opportunity to interview actor, director, and writer Chad Faust because you can see he’s someone with incredible talent. That talent has been on display for some time, where the British Colombia, Canada native made his start in 2000 with roles in movies such as Hope SpringsSaved!, and Better Start Running. He also wrote the screenplay to Better Start Running, and now Faust takes all those skills to his newest passion project, the backcountry thriller- Girl. Bella Thorne stars as a woman headed to a small town to get revenge on her father, only to discover everything she knew about her family was a lie. This is a movie soaked in grit and grime, a modern day western, where the Girl with no name rolls into town, and is not prepared for what waits. Girl had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest last week and Chad Faust was kind enough to chat with me over zoom to talk about working with Bella Thorne, Mickey Rourke, his inspirations, and having your movie premiere during a pandemic. Watch it below:

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