Leo Brady reviews “Possessor” on AMovieGuy.com

By the end of Possessor, the effects that occur on your brain will be something you’re processing much longer after it ends, and even then, you will want to see it all over again, just to make sure you understood what you saw. This is a mind scrambler. A wild and original science fiction film; And a movie that has moments that shock and awe. I was fascinated by Brandon Cronenberg’s new film. This is his second full length feature, but his first mainstream production, and clearly the arrival of a brilliant new auteur. Andrea Riseborough stars as Tasya Vos, an assassin in a distant future, but she does not do the job in person, but through a possessing process, connecting into another person’s mind. Possessor follows her taking over the mind of Colin (Christopher Abbott), the boyfriend to the daughter of billionaire CEO John Parse (Sean Bean), and the contact that Vos must eliminate. But somehow the science is starting to falter, where the person possessed knows something is happening, and a battle takes place between the human and the mind. Possessor is a fascinating experience. Trippy, violent, and one of the most original movies of 2020. 


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