Leo Brady reviews “A Call to Spy” on AMovieGuy.com

Just two weeks ago, USA Today released the report that almost two-thirds of millennials and generation Z did not know that six million Jews were killed in the holocaust. It’s painful, absolutely stupefying, to read a report like that, but here we are. The facts can be revealed watching numerous movies: Schindler’s ListSon of SaulLife is BeautifulThe PianistSophie’s ChoiceThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas and on and on. There are so many movies about the atrocities commited against Jewish people by Nazi’s, that it is practically it’s own genre. Even movies about WWII are in a subtextual way about the fight on the ground to save human lives, both during, and after the war ended. The Reader, or Inglorious Bastards, or even Saving Private Ryan have the lingering fact that six million people lost their lives at the hands of Hitler. So it brings me little joy to explain that I was not a fan of A Call to Spy, which is about French and American women on the ground in Europe, working as undercover spies to defeat the Germans during WWII. When films about the war, and everything that it was about, are good, it is a great achievement. When they are bad, you wish they hadn’t made the movie at all. A Call to Spy is a well intentioned picture, about brave women, working together for a common purpose, but the final result is a clunky dud of a drama.


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