Leo Brady reviews “The Devil All the Time” on AMovieGuy.com

The darkest and most depressing movie of 2020 would have to be The Devil All the Time. That does not mean it is a bad movie. I found it to be fascinatingly bleak and incredibly honest. Antonio Campos’ new film, from the novel by Donald Ray Pollock, with the screenplay adapted by Campos and brother Paulo Campos, is a deep and troubling story, about innocent people living in a world that is brutal. It’s about a young boy, his father returning from WWII, and the surrounding characters that represent more sinners than saints. That’s a vague description, but there’s a lot to pull out of the mud after watching The Devil All the Time. At the core of it all, is the complexity of humans, and how there is a bad side to all of us. The question is, will you tap into that bad side and use it for good or evil?



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