New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: NEW Black Cape Capsule Reviews

The movie industry is still full of life and that shows in the number of films I have watched over the past few months. With COVID-19 sending everyone into lockdown, this critic had to find refuge in her bedroom. A writing desk is not the island it needs to be in a crowded space, and in my house, it was just a place where everyone could always find me. I complained to a fellow critic and got a grand piece of advice.

Have you ever been told something that was so simple, you should have thought of it yourself? Well, when I complained to a friend, he gave me that type of advice. “Start writing capsule reviews.”

Capsule reviews are defined as “A short critique — ranging anywhere from a single sentence to a few hundred words in length — of a specified artistic work.” These are reviews that tell you what you need to know about the movie in order to decide if it’s worth watching or not. My usual deep dive into the guts of the film is lengthy and at this time, difficult to really get into for me at my little writing desk in the midst of chaos. Capsule reviews are the obvious solution, so obvious that I had one of those “why did I think of that?” moments when I heard it.

So, the Black Cape will feature weekly capsule reviews compiled by me all week to come out just in time for your weekend film viewing. I will still have the longer deep dives, but now, you will hear from me a lot more often and a lot sooner. Because, despite my abridged writing time, I have been watching A LOT of films. I want to tell you about all of them.

So go here for our new vertical—Weekly Capsule Reviews—and see what I have cooked up for you.

I have some great ones, too. Go on and take a look.

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