Leo Brady interviews filmmaker Rob Christopher and actress Lili Taylor of “Rob’s World” on AMovieGuy.com

The world we are living in has many disadvantages but I sure do enjoy the time to have conversations with great directors and actors. Rob Christopher is a Chicago director that deserves his time to shine and his knowledge of cinema and writing come together in his unique new documentary Roy’s World: Barry Gifford’s Chicago. What makes this documentary even more special is the trio of narrators reading the writing of famous author Barry Gifford, which is Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe, and the delightful Lili Taylor. The Glencoe, Illinois native is the perfect example of why Chicago is a great city of the arts. She went to Depaul and the Piven School of Theater, but gained more notoriety in movies such as High FidelityThe Conjuring, and Robert Altman’s Short Cuts. Having a chance to talk to Taylor was a highlight of the year for me and even more exciting to highlight the work of Rob Christopher, deserving a round of applause for a unique film. I was incredibly lucky to talk to Rob and Lili over Zoom to discuss making Roy’s World, the state of the movie industry, and our love for Chicago’s past and present. Watch it here:


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