Part 1 of Leo Brady’s coverage of the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival on

2020 is a strange year and it is just as strange for film festivals. For the first time, the Fantasia Film Festival will go completely online which is not ideal, but it’s the current world we are living in. And to be cliche, the show must go on. It’s at least a reminder of how much we miss the entire experience of going to the movies and seeing a great performance with a group of our peers; More than ever, I wish I could just sit with horror genre super fans, with a big bag of popcorn on my lap. This year, there’s good and bad at Fantasia, filled with a mix of films, ranging from the standard horror flicks, but there’s also a bit of weird sci-fi, excellent documentaries, and a monster picture Godzilla would be proud of. It’s Fantasia 2020 and you never know what you will get. Here are a few of the movies I checked out for

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