Leo Brady reviews “Unhinged” for AMovieGuy.com

The question that audiences will need to ask themselves, starting this week, with every movie playing at the theater is, “Will this movie be worth the risk of getting Covid-19?” You will be hard pressed to find the answer being a resounding, yes. Unhinged has been blessed with being the movie that jumps into the fire first; A sacrificial cinematic lamb. And even though the craziness of this all fits because Unhinged is an absolutely bonkers movie, it does not make it any more comforting to put viewers at risk. But here we are and Unhinged is arriving in theaters this weekend. Russell Crowe stars as an extremely pissed off person, who decides to take his rage out on another driver and her son. Unhinged is incredibly entertaining, in a “wow, look at that flaming wreckage” sort of way, but it’s not the kind of movie you risk your health or even your life to go see.


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