Leo Brady reviews “Sputnik” on AMovieGuy.com

When the creature exploded from John Hurt’s chest in Alien, there was not much after thought about if the snake-like “thing” would crawl back inside to Kane’s body. The thought was capturing the Alien and killing it. In the incredibly low-budget sci-fi film Sputnik, an alien life-form attaches itself onto a Soviet Astronaut, leaves his body, returns back when he’s asleep, and it is up to a lone scientist along with an undercover military operation to figure out exactly what the hell this alien is. Director Egor Abramenkov drops a hammer on the independent sci-fi genre with this one. Creating a movie that has a unique combination of nasty horror and a frightening creature feature, something we honestly don’t see enough of today. Sputnik is a tightly wound discovery, with a nasty new creature to shock and scare audiences.


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