New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: ‘P-Valley’ is Back and in the Pynk This Sunday

August 30 is almost the end of another month, but it’s also the return of the show that everyone obsessed with. P-Valley is a southern gothic series about a strip club called The Pynk  (pronounced PANK) and the people that depend on it for survival. The drama, intrigue, scandal, and affairs are the least of the Chuckalissa community’s problems. There is a casino trying to push its way into that valley, and when it does, there will be no room for The Pynk or its inhabitants.

Episode 7: “Last Call for Alcohol” is here to inject a new hit of P-Valley into its thirsty fans. I have a clip straight from STARZ to give everyone a little sip. Just to ‘tide you over ’til Sunday.

Here’s “No Crying in the Pynk”

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So what do we think these two are going to do. We got one more episode left in Season 1. Will they save the Pynk?

Get ready for some wild partnerships and even wilder selections of Uncle Clifford’s couture outfits to match. I got my money on her and Mercedes. but Mama still lurking around somewhere. And, don’t forget, Autumn’s ole man is closer than she knows. Also, where is Lil Murda and Mississippi? Everything is about to blow up and the Pynk will be the center of that most sensational explosion.

Let us know your theories on what will go down this week.

Don’t let me forget to drop the playlist for this week.

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