New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 481, Jeff York – I Used To Go Here – Back Home Movies

Reviewed: I Used To Go Here
Top 5: Back Home Movies
Trivia: Professor Movie Trivia
Sponsored by: Overcast

Being back at home can introduce a flood of emotions. Nostalgia, regret, happiness, sadness, you-name-it. Home is a place that is as ethereal as it is physical. It can even be a state of mind. This week on CinemaJaw we return to our roots as we cover our Top 5 movies about being back home. This can be figurative or literal and the guys loosely interpret the topic.

Joining us is a guy who feels back at home, making his third appearance on the show.

Jeff York is a fellow critic, screenwriter and artists and a truly talented guy. In 2011, he started chronicling his thoughts on the movies and The Establishing Shot was born. It is now read in 27 countries and helped him become a charter member of the Chicago Indie Critics. Jeff is a guy you should follow everywhere you can.

So come on back to the podcast that feels like home… time for a fresh CinemaJaw!

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