Leo Brady reviews “Radioactive” on AMovieGuy.com

The statement that would summarize the life of madame Marie Curie is, “she did it all for science”. Good and bad, she is the brilliant mind that discovered radium, radioactivity, and the elements that would lead to almost every modern day form of science. Your light bulbs, an x-ray machine, nuclear power, and on and on. For me, learning about Marie Curie dates back to my junior year of high school chemistry, conducting a report on her life and everything she did. I was fascinated by her then and I am fascinated by her today. Radioactive is a fully realised biopic, telling us about the scientist and her life, portrayed with a strong performance by Rosamund Pike. However, biopics continue to be a tricky line to balance on and Radioactive is a mixture of the good and bad. Strong lead performance, lame checklist moments in her life, mixed with an interesting approach from director Marjane Satrapi. The particles are all there, but Radioactive is not a perfect science.


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