Leo Brady reviews “The Old Guard” on AMovieGuy.com

I’m hoping that more fans of the Highlander movies will come out of the woods after watching the newest Netflix action film- The Old Guard. It’s about a group of immortal mercenaries, roaming the earth for centuries, and putting good use to their time, saving the lives of those in need and taking down bad guys. But unlike the 80’s Christopher Lambert/Sean Connery movies, The Old Guard has a genuine superstar leading the way in Charlize Theron and with each tentpole or new high action blockbuster, she impresses me even more. A year ago, Theron was wowing audiences as a romantic lead in Long Shot and here she is keeping her fans off balance, and now she’s chopping people down with an axe. That may sound like all intense action and no brains, but director Gina Prince-Bythewood knows it takes a bit more to get us to care about these characters. The Old Guard is an excellent “dramaction”, filled with short bursts of intense fighting, deep moral dilemmas, and a bad ass cast, led by the baddest women around- Charlize Theron.


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