Leo Brady reviews “The Beach House” on AMovieGuy.com

The Beach House is a horror movie arriving at the right time. At any other moment it would still be considered an awesome, Lovecraft-style horror movie, but now it feels incredibly current, almost a warning for us to be afraid of the things we cannot see. It begins with Emily (Liana Liberato) and Randall (Noah Le Gros), two college kids trying to save their relationship by getting away to Randall’s family beach house for the weekend. Things start nice, with some romance between the two, but they soon realize that Mitch (Jake Weber) and Jane (Maryann Nagel)- old friends of the family- have already been staying at the house for their own relaxation. No reason to ruin the weekend, so the two couples decide to have a friendly dinner, enjoy the libations, but soon the high starts to feel weird. Something is in the air, something that makes everyone sick. The Beach House is the directorial debut for Jeffrey A. Brown and what a hit this is. Things turn into a nightmare fast and it’s the kind of movie that will make everyone think twice about going into the water when the beaches are open again.


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