Leo Brady reviews “Relic” on AMovieGuy.com

In the industry of horror movies, it takes a particular type of skill to truly impress audiences. You are talking about a fan base that has seen it all and will throw their loyalty behind the genre at all costs. For Natalie Erika James, her directorial debut is the best horror movie of 2020, so I would hope that fans of the genre will welcome her into the club with open arms. They did it with Ari Aster- rightfully so- and James might be the next big thing with Relic, a movie about three generations of women, battling dysfunction and disease. Emily Mortimer stars as Kay, Bella Heathcote plays her daughter Sam, and Robyn Nevin plays grandma Edna. When grandma goes missing for a few days, Kay and Sam go looking for her and when grandma shows back up, she’s not exactly herself. Relic is a unique mixture of psychological and visual horror, anchored by three strong performances, and a spectacular directorial debut. This is the kind of Relic you keep around.


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