Leo Brady reviews “Greyhound” on AMovieGuy.com

Greyhound is not just a throwback to old school war pictures, it’s the kind of movie that would make John Ford extremely proud. In the quintessential “dad movie”, everyone’s favorite dad Tom Hanks, stars in one of the best Navy-war movies for some time. Director Aaron Schneider, delivers the meat and potatoes of action, in a thrilling story, following a convoy of American ships, protecting other ships that carry goods and supplies for the British during WWII. The leader of the pack is the ship Greyhound, commanded by captain Ernest Krause (Hanks), fighting to survive an onslaught of German u-boat submarines. Greyhound is a thrilling battle on the high seas, constantly moving, incredibly intense, and pioneered by another grand performance from Tom Hanks. Greyhound is the best war movie of 2020.


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