Leo Brady reviews “John Lewis: Good Trouble” on AMovieGuy.com

The word synonymous with John Lewis is hero. He is an American hero. A patriot of the highest regard and I want everyone to see John Lewis: Good Trouble. Black. White. Democrat. Republican. Christian. Atheist. This is a man that I aspire to be. A person that walked in Selma, Alabama, next to Martin Luther King, spoke up for the things he believed in at the Million Man March, and continues to fight to this very day. It would be easy to call John Lewis: Good Trouble a glossy look at the life of the Georgia congressmen, but frankly, this man deserves the gloss. He should be an inspiration to us all and I can’t believe it would be controversial to even think about praising this man. John Lewis: Good Trouble is a poetic, beautiful portrait of a man that stared down discrimination, fought for what was right in this country, and god do I look up to him. John Lewis is my hero.


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