Leo Brady reviews “Irresistible” on AMovieGuy.com

Irresistible is trying to take a comedic bite out of the American political system, but instead of serving a hearty meal of laughs, this is more like choking on a freezing cold piece of steak. I’ve seen highs and lows for comedy during the presidency of Donald “bone spurs” Trump, and when dealing with the constantly horrific realities of his Twitter vitriol and efforts to always divide with politics, I hoped to have some relief from it all in the voice of The Daily Show legend Jon Stewart. Sadly, Irresistible is an incredible failure of satire, highlighting everything that is wrong with politics today, and subsequently missing the entire point of comedy. I think the problem is that our politics are just not funny anymore. The system, the people involved, what we’ve experienced for the last four years, all of it is incredibly broken. Nobody is laughing that our president uses racist terms on a daily basis, during a pandemic that has killed thousands of people, during a time when racial divides are constant. And if they do laugh, then they might have some deeper seeded issues. It’s clear that nobody likes one another and instead of ever seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, the days have only been darker. Irresistible thinks there is something funny to say about politics, the money injected into campaigns, and the people involved. Instead, this is the kind of movie you should resist like the plague.


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