Leo Brady reviews “7500” on AMovieGuy.com

I like to call a movie such as 7500 a compact picture. It’s where the run-time is a tight 96 minutes, has a basic premise, and wastes little time. Other examples would be movies such as, The ShallowsDon’t Breathe, or recently Crawl. They find a place at the cineplex because it never fails. The audience knows what is in store and the details are tight. 7500 has a simple premise, an airplane has been hijacked by terrorists and it’s up to one of the pilots to fend them off to save his passengers. The difference in the depth of this one, compared to the movies I mentioned earlier, is that it subtly develops the main character, co-pilot Tobias Ellis, played keenly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His character has a bit more skin in the game and becomes isolated in the cockpit, with the weight of saving lives, all while fighting off the assailants. It makes 7500 an intense and terrifying thriller and a solid welcome back to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


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