Leo Brady reviews “Sometimes Always Never” on AMovieGuy.com

Sometimes Always Never is not the worst kind of bad movie, it’s the saddest kind of bad movie. It has an aesthetic to it, a collection of suitable actors, and a kind story, but it’s also incredibly bland, making for a disappointing experience. Director Carl Hunter is capable of making a movie in his own way, his style feels like a mixture of Wes Anderson and Mike Leigh, but it’s not enough to motivate a reaction. Sometimes Aways Never is a take on the parable of the prodigal son. Alan (Bill Nighy) has received info that long missing son might be a discovered body at a morgue, where his absence created a rift between his present son Peter (Sam Riley). The two embark to see if it is the lost son, but when it’s not, father Alan makes it an opportunity to reconnect with Peter and his family. Dad is more burden than a buddy, where a lot of the problems arrive from his obsession with the game scrabble, but the bonding may also lead to the discovery of a new family connection. Sometimes Always Never amounts to a few laughs and a lot of empty time spent. It’s sometimes never good.


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