Leo Brady reviews “Da 5 Bloods” on AMovieGuy.com

Da 5 Bloods is another excellent picture from Spike Lee, but I wasn’t sure it was a four-star movie when it ended. I had to process it, absorb the messages, some subtle, some not-so subtle, in what I would call one of the directors most unique dramas. You learn a rich abundance about life watching Spike Lee films. His work is the definition of the empathy machine that cinema is. His films are a necessity for me as a white person, because learning about the lives and experiences of Black people in this country is something we should all do. Da 5 Bloods follows four army veterans, returning to Vietnam with hopes to retrieve the remains of their fallen brother and a case of gold they buried for themselves. Whether it was BlackkklansmenHe Got Game, or Inside Man, the story may be about one subject, but it evolves with every minute, it’s about a lifetime for Black people, fighting for the United States, calling for respect, and never getting it in return. Da 5 Bloods arrives at the perfect time for this country and Spike Lee continues to be the greatest voice for Black cinema.

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