Leo Brady reviews “Tommaso” on AMovieGuy.com

I don’t think Tommaso will have the same impact on audiences as it did on me. It’s about human pain and suffering, an autobiographical telling of director Abel Ferrara’s life, his struggles with addiction, and told through the narrative of a feature film. It’s a weird mix, because it is partially fiction, partially fact, and in the middle are odd hallucinations and fears of a man. Willem Dafoe stars, a regular collaborator with Ferrara, as the title character, playing an American, living in Paris with his younger wife Nikki (Cristina Chiriac- Ferrara’s actual wife) and child (Anna Ferrara), teaching theater classes, going to AA meetings, and living one day at a time. It may sound boring to some, watching the existence of a man, but Tommaso is an out of body experience, like looking out a window and seeing your own life pass by in front of you. For me, Tommaso has a complete understanding of what it means to be alive and like many of us, it’s complicated.


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