Leo Brady reviews “Becky” on AMovieGuy.com

The main highlight surrounding the horror film Becky, is that it’s a dramatic turn for Paul Blart funnyman Kevin James. Trust me, the concept of James playing a neo-nazi should rightfully perk your ears up, but the real highlight is that Becky is an exciting showcase of teenage revenge. Lulu Wilson stars as the title character, a thirteen year-old, angsty and angry at the world because her mother died from cancer, while her dad (Joel McHale) is not making things better. The plot begin with a trip out to the family lake house, with hopes of dad making a connection with his daughter. Things go south fast and it’s not just because dad has revealed that he proposed to his girlfriend (Amanda Brugel), but because there is a group of escaped convict neo-nazi’s knocking at the door. The bloodshed is turned up, because what these guys didn’t account for is a pissed off teen in the woods. Becky is a deliciously violent film and if you are up for a kid fighting off nazi’s in the woods, then this might be the movie for you.

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