Leo Brady reviews “Deerskin” on AMovieGuy.com

Deerskin might be a one-joke movie, but damn did I get a kick out of that joke. This is a strange film, a narrative that will not be for everyone, and will be a beautiful discovery for others. It’s about a man named George (Jean Dujardin being his ever charming self), driving away from his past, arriving at a house with the intent to purchase a deerskin jacket for thousands of dollars. This jacket comes with all the fringe tassels around the arms and chest. After purchasing it, he drives to a small Italian town, and holes up in a rundown motel. He’s spent nearly all his money on his beloved deerskin jacket and he’s locked out of his bank accounts. Even weirder? George seems set on being the only person in the world with a jacket, forcing people on the street to remove their jackets, and even argue with them about it. The situation leads to plenty of laughs, both nervous and honest, and a movie that is entirely unpredictable. Deerskin is not just a movie, it’s a fashion statement, and this movie has killer style.

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