New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 467, Adal Rifai – The Gentleman, Trolls World Tour – Top 5 Shapeshifters

Reviewed: The Gentleman, Trolls World Tour
Top 5: Shapeshifters in Film
Trivia: Talking Animal Movie Trivia 
Sponsored by: Overcast

They walk among us. Disguised. Hiding in plain sight. They may look like everyone else, anyone else. They may even look like your mail carrier. They may even look like your family! Shapeshifters!Every transformer, doppelganger, pod-person, replicant, reptile hybrid and master of disguise is fair game as we cover our Top 5 Shapeshifters in Film.

Joining us is a man who knows a bit about shifting his shape. Adal Rifai is an improviser, podcaster, producer and writer in Chicago. Adal is the Corporate Training Director at iO Theater where he also performs with the weekly show Whirled News Tonight. He is an adjunct lecturer at University of Illinois at Chicago where he teaches the improv curriculum he created for their theater department. As a podcaster Adal is the creator and host of Hey Riddle Riddle and plays Chunt on the podcast Hello From the Magic Tavern. You can find him on Twitter @adalrifa.

We also delve into two new films, reviewing The Gentleman and Trolls World Tour.

Listen up. Watch out for Teen Wolves.

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