New from Al and Linda Lerner on Movies and Shakers: Butt Boy

Some may find this amusing, others disturbingly outrageous but Writer/Director/Star Tyler Cornak stuffs this movie full and we mean it. Some viewers may not make it beyond the first half hour of this film. Thankfully Cornack never shows the vile the acts of the story, but he leaves it to you to fill in the blanks. 

Butt Boy brings us face to cheek with Chip Gutchell (Cornak) who finds pleasure in his prostate exam and embarks on an addictive spree of shoving everything from a board game piece, to a bar of soap and even a TV remote up his gastrointestinal tract. His insatiable addiction leads him to the ultimately bizarre act of rear ingesting dogs, children and even adults into his internal horror-world. If there to be a theme song for a music track of this we might suggest “Back Dat Ass Up” by the Juveniles.

Cornak’s Chip character is a stone-faced suburban husband and father in a loveless marriage to Anne (Shelby Dah) with a job that sucks the life out of him. He’s as boring on screen as he is on the page. After his surprising arousel in the urologist’s office, he tries to get Anne to fulfill his desires in bed. With no luck there, he turns to household objects and then one day in the park he sees a mother and child. Fortunately, Cornak doesn’t even try to show how Chip makes the baby disappear. The script fast forwards nine years to a city that still wonders how that child just vanished into thin air.

The passing of time has made Chip a more somber man. He has joined AA. He can never admit what his real addiction is, so he pretends to be an alcoholic. There are attempts to put a humorous spin on his rear-end desires when he’s caught looking longingly at things like a light bulb or a toy. But he’s driven over the edge during a Bring Your Kids to Work Day when a young boy hides under his desk during a game of hide and seek. Once again, you don’t see how it’s done, but the youngster is never seen again.

Detective Russell Fox (Tyler Rice) leads the search for the young boy and it just so happens, he is the person Chip just met at his AA meeting. Detective Fox is like a stock caricature from countless film noir movies, down to the leather jacket and greasy hair. Tyler Rice does inject him with some ironic humor, but the pace of the interplay between Fox and Chip is so slow and stilted that their scenes become labored and boring.  

It’s the third act that devolves into a cringe-worthy, head-scratching, foolish rescue mission. The hints that the victims, both inanimate and living, of Chip’s fetish remain inside him, alive, are confirmed. This sci-fi suspension of disbelief takes the action into his cavernous, hellish red colon where a dog and humans spend their disgusting days. Butt Boy is a film where your worst fears of where it will end up come to pass (pun intended). Cornack’s Butt Boy is a boring character and the movie is slow and nasty. It’s a little reminiscent of Jonah and the Whale, but decidedly more disgusting.


Epic Pictures            100Minutes              NR 

from Movies and Shakers

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