Leo Brady reviews “Resistance” on AMovieGuy.com

I’ve always felt strongly, that the stories must be told, in every medium, about what all Jewish people went through during World War II. No matter how repetitive or similar the stories may seem, we must see a purpose in it. Yes, sometimes the director or performances might not get it right, not everything can be Schindler’s ListResistance, tells the story of famous theater actor and mime- Marcel Marceau (Jesse Eisenberg), and it’s a fascinating, even shocking pice of history, a story that I certainly never knew about. Director Jonathan Jakubowicz (Hands of Stone) is not interested in telling us about the later parts of Marceau’s life, but he is focused on showing the sacrifices, the journey, and the heroics that he was a part of, all during a time of great terror. Marceau stopped his focus on acting and chose to fight in the nazi resistance group- the OJC (Organization Juive de Combat). Resistance is a solid drama, lacking in finding a deeper sense of the man, but it tells a fascinating story of courage, with Marceau using his art and his love, all in order to save thousands, upon thousands, of orphaned Jewish children.


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