Leo Brady reviews “Swallow” on AMovieGuy.com

They are a week apart, but The Invisible Man and Carlo Mirabella-Davis’ new film Swallow would make an excellent double feature. Two films, about two different women, both struggling with different forms of unfair and toxic treatments that men put on women in society. An interesting similarity between the two films is that the horrors are not always visible. Haley Bennett stars as Hunter, a beautiful blonde that looks like a throwback from a Hitchcock picture. Cleaning their isolated mansion, wearing a puffed up dress and tending to a meal, all so it can be ready for husband Richie (Austin Stowell) when he arrives home from work. This is what is expected of Hunter, but when that unwanted, hidden pressure becomes too much, Hunter calls out for help by swallowing various objects she finds around the house. The items are relatively small, a marble, a tiny chess piece, but then they become more dangerous, sharp objects that are as bad going in as coming out. It’s a cringe inducing, slowly developing drama, that won’t go down smooth, but it will captivate you. Swallow is one awesome and intensely jagged little pill.


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