Leo Brady reviews “Underwater” on AMovieGuy.com

The month of January typically produces movies that ease us into a new year of cinema. Low-budget horror or cliched comedies fill up screens, while leftover Oscar hopefuls look to gain traction from recent awards recognition. Underwater is neither of those three types of movies, in fact it seems to have a larger budget than most sci-fi pictures in recent memory, but it also won’t be remembered in a month. Director William Eubank (The Signal) is looking to make an aqua version of Alien, where a crew on a deep sea drilling station become under extreme duress from an earthquake or a possible monster that has awaken. When you try to stand on the shoulders of the great, tight spaced sci-fi horror films, you better bring the goods. Underwater brings a little bit of that, combining strong set design and special effects, along with a story that becomes murky along the way. Underwater is not a movie you dive into, but maybe you dip your toes.


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