Leo Brady reviews “Richard Jewell” on AMovieGuy.com

Richard Jewell is a conflicted and complex film that is as confused as director Clint Eastwood’s politics. The question I couldn’t stop asking myself, halfway through, in this movie about the security guard that went from hero to suspect of the 1996 Olympic bombing, is why now? Just last year, Eastwood made his senior citizen that “sticks it to the man” in The Mule, and before that he was making a heroic narrative in Sully. So what kept him from making Richard Jewell till 2019? I ask that question specifically because Richard Jewell is a movie about someone who was mistreated by the media and the FBI, it’s a message against those establishments, which I guess is something that is cemented in the viewpoint of conservatives now? What Eastwood does precisely is play both sides, showing the story of a man who loved the law, his country, and the freedom’s that come with it, while also showing just how ugly this country can be. Should we hate “these” Americans? Unfortunately, the message that some will take from it is that the story of Richard Jewell is not an anomaly, but something they think is a reoccurring trend, especially towards our current president. If Eastwood made Richard Jewell back in 1998 it would be the capturing of a moment. Making it in 2019 has to be a message to the Fox News viewing public, right? All of that does not mean this isn’t a well made, acted, and engaging drama, Eastwood is still at the top of his game of connecting the lines. I just left Richard Jewell feeling extremely confused, even sad for the state of our world.


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