Leo Brady reviews “Ford V. Ferrari” on AMovieGuy.com

I don’t think we see enough sports movies anymore. With cinema stuck in the major blockbuster, superhero, big action mode, it leads to the stories on screen being the same thing over and over again. It’s essentially the message that Martin Scorsese is trying to convey in his recent comments, that cinema can and should be a wider range of art, for directors to try new things, not just grown-ups wearing tights and capes. One director that is as reliable as it comes for good cinema is James Mangold and I am hoping he has revived the sports movie with Ford v Ferrari. It is the first sports movie for the Logan director, but as he has plenty of times before, Mangold finds a way to mix genre styles, while still making a movie that you can recommend to anybody. Ford v Ferrari is a racing narrative first, but what bubbles to the surface is a story about fighting against one’s self, and finding the people that are willing to go along for the ride. Ford v Ferrari is fast, awesome, and will inspire you to chase a dream.


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