Leo Brady reviews “Marriage Story” on AMovieGuy.com

After seeing Marriage Story, maybe I lucked out on not witnessing my parents go through a long custody battle? It’s a difficult question, isn’t it? Would you rather your family be ripped apart like a quick band-aid, the way mine was, or would you rather experience the long, brutal process where you witness your parents’ love crumble into ashes? I don’t think it matters either way, both suck, and even though that may sound bleak, Noah Baumbach’s new film showed me a ray of hope for the human condition. The underlying message is about finding your happiness and sometimes you need to go through hell just to get it. Marriage Story follows the divorce of Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver), with their son Henry (Azhy Robertson) in the middle. Along the way, we laugh, we cry, we fill up with rage, but we know what it feels like to be alive. I unflinchingly say that Marriage Story is easily one of the best movies of 2019.



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