Leo Brady reviews “Doctor Sleep” on AMovieGuy.com

Depending on who you talk to, there are some that view Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining as the greatest horror film of all time. That is a different argument, for a different time, but it is a massive undertaking for anyone to take on directing a sequel to Stephen King’s most legendary piece of literature. That reason alone is why Mike Flanagan deserves a round of applause. Just the challenge seems daunting, but I am happy to say that Doctor Sleep is a solid success. We pick up after things went off the rails at the Overlook Hotel, with Danny Torrance and his mother moving on. Little Danny still deals with his super power, allowing him to communicate with some of the living and plenty of the dead. Years go by, Danny (played by Ewan McGregor) suppresses his gift with the help of drugs and alcohol, but eventually makes contact with Abra (Kyliegh Curran), a young girl with stronger powers, which catches the attention of a group that feeds off people, led by villainous Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), hunting others with power so they can suck the life out of them. It all amounts to a large scale horror picture, one that weaves us through the horrific traumas of Danny Torrance’s past, and his character seeking redemption in the end. Doctor Sleep is a tightly wound film, where the young meet the old, and death is coming for all of them.


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