Leo Brady interviews “Adopt a Highway” director Logan Marshall-Green

It’s a bit hard for me to not be a fanboy when I heard I was going to interview Logan Marshall-Green. At this point, I’m such a fan of Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus that I want to interview everyone who was a part of that film, but it is also extremely cool to see Logan Marshall-Green become a household name in movies. His work in films, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Leigh Whanell’s Upgrade, and Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation, have placed this 43-year old, South Carolina native, on a path to massive success. Today, Marshall-Green is taking his shot at writing & directing, and it is not much of a surprise to me, but he is damn good at it. His directorial debut, Adopt A Highway, is a quietly beautiful film, about taking care of responsibilities, finding redemption in life, and about people changing our lives for the better. I had the chance to interview Logan Marshall-Green for AMovieGuy.com and this is a genuine person, with a kind soul, and a natural when it comes to filmmaking. Logan Marshall-Green is an artist that deserves our attention


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