Leo Brady reviews “Terminator: Dark Fate” on AMovieGuy.com

One of the major themes of the entire Terminator series has been the concept of time. Robots travel back in time, hunting humans in order to thwart a resistance against them in the future. Humans try to protect their loved ones, hoping to buy more time, before the inevitable apocalypse occurs. I find it all to be a cinematic sci-fi Greek tragedy. These Terminator movies especially, are an example of time passing us by, the aging of beloved characters, and to be witness to what has hindered this science fiction series from thriving beyond the initial two installments: It’s all about time. The fact is, the people that made The Terminator a smash hit, are not young anymore. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 72 years old, to some that may be obsolete, but what keeps the Terminator franchise going, and truly fascinates me, has been the “Austrian Oak’s” ability to adapt to the times. That’s why Terminator: Dark Fate is a surprisingly fresh return to the action series form. Director Tim Miller (Deadpool) makes it all work, along with the return of Linda Hamilton, after a 3-film hiatus as the inspiring mother Sarah Conner, and everyone else involved, has a grasp for what makes this series keep on ticking.


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