Leo Brady reviews “Miss Virginia” on AMovieGuy.com

Miss Virginia is a throwback kind of movie. It’s going back to a time where movies had a message and reminded audiences of the good, hard working people in the world. The similar pictures that came to my mind was Lean On Me, with Morgan Freeman playing the valiant principle to turn a school around, or Edward James Olmos molding his flunking students into straight A kids in Stand and Deliver, or Denzel Washington fighting away gangs in Hard Lessons. All three movies carry a bit of gravitas to the roles, with actors that have tremendous pedigree behind them as well. That may be why I was a bit mixed on Miss Virginia, which is based on the true story of a mother that put her son into a Washington D.C. private school to get him away from the violence and crime at his public school, but his time there ends short because his mother couldn’t foot the bill. This becomes Virginia’s calling to a mission, to create a scholarship that would help underprivileged students to go to better schools. It’s a powerful story, told in a standard underdog way, with montages of family strife, and with a strong performance from Uzo Aduba that gives it just enough to be worth the time. Miss Virginia is cheesy, but sometimes it’s quite nice.


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