Leo Brady previews the 55th Chicago International Film Festival on AMovieGuy.com

AMovieGuy.com’s Preview of the 55th Chicago International Film Festival!

I didn’t plan it this way, but here I am, covering the 55th Chicago International Film Festival, taking place October 16th to the 27th, and I have stayed away from all the big name movies playing this year. You could go to the opening night and see Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn, or stand in line for James Mangold’s racing drama Ford v Ferrari, or the newest family drama from Noah Baumbach in Marriage Story, and on and on. Those movies will be the talk of the town, but honestly, that’s not what the Chicago International Film Festival is about anymore. Those big movies have already screened at the major festivals and had plenty of coverage, so I am here to tell you about movies that will just pass by if you don’t go and see them. I found myself watching more documentaries than I typically would, but this years festival has an interesting collection of movies that surprised me more than I have been in past festivals. Without further ado, here is my preview of movies you will want to see at CIFF 55:


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